Couples Date Calendar


It’s a couple calendar for the twelve unforgettable dates. Balanced so that even those for whom romance = MISSION IMPOSSIBLE could create an unforgettable date and surprise their partner. Scratch off the blanks, follow the hints and enjoy quality time together.

LT aprašymas

  • Date calendar for the whole year – each month, you’ll find 9 different prompts, clues, and hints, ranging from the dates theme, activities, location, mission of surprising your partner. You’ll need to scratch off the blanks and follow the hints to enjoy quality time together.
  • Surprise – an element of unexpectedness is created by the scratched-off layer. Every month, you will only discover the details of your date as the day approaches. Each month brings new surprises, tasks, activities and conversation topics.
  • Roles – every month, you’ll choose a date chef and a surprise organizer. They ensure that the date unfolds according to the given hints. The chef should pleasantly surprise the organizer for their efforts. You scratch off the surprise field and receive a hint on how to surprise the date chef. We recommend switching roles every month.
  • Reliability – prepared in consultation with a psychologist.
  • WARNING – these dates are designed for positive experiences and joy, so we recommend avoiding heavy topics, criticism, and relationship disputes.
  • Measurements – A2 poster.
  • Instruction – an instruction is included with the calendar, providing a more detailed explanation of how to use it.

*The calendar is sold without frames.


For those who… 👇

  • Looking for an original and practical gift;
  • Want to dedicate more time to relationships;
  • Can’t think of how to surprise your partner;
  • Want to spice up your sexual experiences;
  • Craving adventures;
  • Want to see your partner smiling more often;
  • Want to strengthen your connection;
  • Long for romance;
  • Want to enjoy life today;
  • Want to save time.



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